AusThai has been designing and supplying products to industrial customers since we were founded in 2002. Small and medium runs are handled in house. When a run size is large we coordinate production with local partners in Thailand. We continue to ship products to the US, UK, Europe and the Middle East. If you have a production requirement feel free to contact us.

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Our fastest growing market is universities and colleges seeking products that aid in the teaching of electronics. Through close collaboration with academics who teach electronic engineering we have developed a number of educational products, suitable for the classroom or the individual learner. If you are a teacher or a learner with an idea we would like to hear from you.

Educational Products


Through our collaboration with electronics teachers over the years we have developed kits and modules to help students to develop projects. The kits and modules make the latest technology, which is often miniaturised, accessible to students. Many of these also suit the electronics enthusiast. We have brought these kits and modules together in our Maker's Corner.

Maker's Corner