Our Projects

Here we briefly showcase three of our past and current production projects.

Energy Saving in Laundry Dryers

The Bio-Therm is designed to reduce gas comsumption in commercial gas fired laundry dryers. Existing dryers use a simple thermostat and single stage gas valve to control the temperature of the drying air. The Bio-Therm consists of a 2 stage valve that allows for low and high burner modes and electronics to control it. The electronics is housed inside a controller (see above). The electronic controller is designed and produced by AusThai Solutions. We have been producing this product since 2012.

More details on the Bio-Therm can be found here.

Motor Drive for Fishing Kayaks

The Feelfree Overdrive is an electric drive system for fishing Kayaks. The system can be used in motor drive mode or user pedalling mode. The image above shows the motor drive (AusThai does not produce the mechanical pedal assembly). In addition to electronics to drive the motor there is sensing circuitry to detect motor speed and power drain on the battery. The LCD screen displays speed, current draw and battery life remaining. A remote control is used to set motor speed and direction. We have been producing this product since 2018.

More details on the Overdrive system can be found here.

ADSL modem

The ADSL modem project is an example of our turnkey design service. In this case our client had their own factory producing ADSL modems. We provided research and development services for them while they handled the production. The model shown in the image is one of many designs we produced for the client. This particular model was a USB powered ADSL modem. The 4 layer board layout shown is captured from a CAD program. Other designs used 6 layer boards.

We provided R&D for this client from 2002 until 2014. The client is no longer producing ADSL modems.