Our Services

As manufacturers strive for more efficient product cycles, higher returns, and increased market share, they face an increasing number of new design constraints such as the environment, safety, a global economy, and higher customer expectations. Successful manufacturers must address all of these challenges in new, innovative product offerings. AusThai solutions offers Electronic consulting services ranging from one-off designs to large volume solutions.

Product Engineering

Whether starting with a clean sheet of paper or re-developing an existing client product we have the staff and experience to provide the best product engineering solution. We optimise the performance of the product to meet the client's needs, and internal design processes.

Our expertise areas span the product life cycle: from concept generation, through simulation and design engineering, to prototyping, testing and tuning. We can offer support to any part of the cycle ranging up to full turnkey development.

Feasibility Studies

The determination of the feasibility of a project is a fundamental part of any planned upgrade, improvement or new design. Before a project is undertaken, we are able to provide information and documentation to allow a thorough assessment of the feasibility of the project.

Design & Drafting

We are able to offer support to projects in the form of documentation and drafting, in particular, we specialise in the production of schematic drawings and PCB layouts. Our drawing and document development is completed using up to date design and drafting software. Drafting is completed in accordance with the client's standards and formats. On completion of a project we provide clients with hard copies of their designs and/or electronic copies as required.


In cases where the use of new technology is adopted on a project, AusThai solutions can provide the client with training and maintenance manuals to ensure that the client obtains the maximum benefit from the project.


AusThai Solutions focuses on development and commercialisation of leading-edge engineering technologies. This development contributes to the continuous evolution of the company's knowledge base, and provides our clients with technically advanced solutions to their design requirements. In addition to conducting R&D internally, we also look to universities and industry as potential sources for emerging technology.

We have strategic alliances with universities and companies in Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Thailand and the US.

Strategic Partnerships

Manufacturers today are challenged with evolving global competition, rapidly emerging technologies, extended enterprise integration, and continuous productivity pressures. There is a growing trend towards out-sourcing of functions within an enterprise. The challenge facing manufacturers is finding the best company to meet their out-sourcing requirements.

Where a client's requirements fall outside the range of services offered by AusThai Solutions, we are able to facilitate the formation of partnerships between companies. Our strategic location in the manufacturing belt of Thailand places us in an ideal situation to promote partnerships between companies in Australia and Thailand.